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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer is...(SOLS)

Summer is writing in the morning.
Summer is walks after lunch.
Summer is giggles over bugs and bubbles.
Summer is mid-day bike rides.
Summer is hose water prickling our warm legs.
Summer is remembering to water the flowers.
Summer is grill smoke and lemonade.
Summer is dirty toes.
Summer is watermelon and blueberries.
Summer is mowing again and again.
Summer is walks at dusk.
Summer is cleats and ball gloves and bats.
Summer is melting Popsicles making sticky thumbs.
Summer is time for friends.
Summer is reading just one more page.
Summer is running through pointy grass.
Summer is late nights.
Summer is healing.

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  1. Great list! Summer is many of those things for me too--and I'm glad you put watering the flowers on it. I haven't done that yet today, but am on my way out to do it now!
    Love the new site and am glad you have a place for your writing to live.

  2. Nice design on your new blog-& inspiring. I like the list, but especially about the hose on the legs and dirty toes. It's just nice to have the feet free for a change, & of course that means watering flowers and walks too. Happy summer!

  3. oops! Forgot to tell you that I loved the peak into your notebook, & to ask how you did that. It's intriguing.

  4. I love your new site. I especially love your page "writing love". I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to steal the idea. I need the inspiration!

    By the way--great line Grill smoke and lemonade--that's the one I think of!

  5. Oh, I can't wait for these moments. We've had glimpses of some. I just love summer. What a great list. I'd have to add..chasing fireflies at dusk.

  6. Thanks for the comments. I'm glad people are reading. It's hard putting yourself out there in a new place. Happy writing everyone!

  7. Summer is the time for me to do the things I put off during the school year. You have a great summer list! Looking forward to your words that discover, play, and build.

  8. I could feel the flow of your day by reading through the list which seemed to go from morning 'til evening. Beautiful.

    BTW: Nice new writing digs.


  9. I love the list!! I'm looking forward to catching up on my reading and writing over the summer!

  10. I wonder whether this summer will add something new to this list.
    Summer is.... is the first line in my new writer's journal. Thank you for the idea.

  11. First, I am excited for your new blog. I love the layout and am excited for all that is to come.

    I just read your other post right before this one encouraging us to create lists in our writer's notebooks of all the possibilities, and poetry is definitely an area that I want to explore more, as I tend to rarely "play" with poetry.

    I appreciate that your slice gives me ideas for a non-threatening way to start. I was thinking about how in general you have a good balance of prose and verse in your slices so I also know that I can look back to previous posts for more inspiration.

    I enjoy that the repetitive listing style of this poem seems that the various lines could be random at first; yet, when I get to the last line it seems so intentional and the perfect way to end the poem. As a reader, that makes me step back and look at the whole poem again and think about the placement of individual lines.

    Thanks again for the inspiration, and good luck with your new blog.

  12. Your Summer list has inspired me to make it through the last six days of school! Can't wait for the late nights.

  13. Thank you for adding yet another project to your overflowing plate! I will use it for inspiration as I try to work more in my writer's notebook. I am excited to jump in!

  14. Your poem made me reflect. Love the structure. The last line is powerful - and so true. :)MHG


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