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Opening Keynote at All Write Summer
Institute 2012. Image thanks to
@bethanymhall #instagram..
The more opportunities I have to speak, the more I realize how much I love it. My style is warm and friendly, with a touch of humor. I'm constantly advocating to empower people to teach writers even better than the day before. In order to do this, we must determine our motives and philosophy about teaching writers and then couple it with practical and meaningful strategies. I strive to offer both philosophy and strategies when working alongside teachers.

To Inquire about Availability
If you’re interested in having me speak at your school or conference, then please contact Chandra Lowe at Stenhouse Publishers ( for information regarding professional development or speaking engagements. You may also contact me directly at raayres1{at}gmail{dot}com. If you don't receive a response from me within three days, please contact Chandra.

Possible Formats
I'm happy to work with you in order to meet your specific needs. Here are some structures I've used in the past.

Skype: I offer a free 20 minute Q & A Skype session with your group. Contact me via email to schedule a time.

Keynote Address: I love using words and image to inspire, encourage, and nudge the audience to live in the best way possible. 

Demonstration + Reflection: Some of my most powerful professional development has been watching someone model in a classroom then following the demonstration with a guided reflection. I'm comfortable modeling writing workshop in kindergarten through high school classrooms. Demonstration experiences include a mininlesson, conferring time, and a share session. Reflection includes written and oral reflection, as well as a Q&A session.

Breakout Sessions: With a short amount of time, we can concentrate on one topic, digging deep and pushing ourselves to new understandings. I lead breakout sessions on a variety of topics about teaching writers.

Day (or Multiple Day) Workshops: I can plan a day long workshop with your group. Our time together includes a variety of learning experiences, such as reading short texts, discussing with partners or small groups, planning for your classroom, and writing time.

Upcoming & Past Engagements
Penn State York Summer Institute, York, PA, June 27, 2013
Keynote with Stacey Shubitz: Two Perspectives of Teachers Who Write
Why Write: What I Might Miss
Breakout Sessions
Celebrating Writers: Expanding Possibilities throughout the Process
Minilessons: Beyond the Script
Refining Reflective Practice

KSRA 2013, State College, PA October 17, 2013
Breakout session with Stacey Shubitz
Connecting, Cultivating, and Celebrating Our Words: Using Online Relationships as Writers

All-Write Summer Institute, Warsaw, IN, June 20, 2013
Conferring: The Heartbeat of Workshop with Deb Gaby

All Write Workshops, Foundations of Writing Workshop: Building an Understanding of Writing Workshop in order to Meet the Learning Needs of Students and Common Core (A Three Part Series), North Webster, IN 
Primary Workshop (K-2): November 6, 2012, February 12, 2013, May 14, 2013
Intermediate Workshop (3-5): November 7, 2012, February 13, 2013, May 15, 2013
Middle School Workshop (6-8): November 8, 2013, February 14, 2013, May 16, 2013

Southbury Elementary School, Modeling Writing Workshop & Professional Development, Oswego, IL, October 11, 2012; February 26, 2013; May 8, 2013

Modeling Writing Workshop in Southbury classrooms (Click here to learn more about this form of professional development.)
Workshop 1
Becoming a Reflective Educator
Refining Routines and Procedures
Assessment Lenses
Developing Independence through the Writing Process
Meaningful Minilessons
Being a Teacher Who Writes
Workshop 2
Conferring: Conversations with Writers
Assessment Lenses
Being a Teacher Who Writes: Slice of Life Challenge
Workshop 3
Assessment Lenses
Being a Teacher Who Writes

Smithville Upper Elementary School, Professional Development, Smithville, MO, January 13, 2013; February 15, 2013

Workshop 1
Becoming a Reflective Educator
Refining Routines and Procedures
Meaningful Minilessons
Diverse Mentor Texts
Workshop 2
6 Ideas for Teaching 21st Century Writers & Meet the Demands of Common Core
Conferring: Conversations with Writers
Assessment Lenses
Being a Teacher Who Writes

All Write Summer Institute, Opening Keynote, Warsaw, Indiana, June 21, 2012
Mission Story: Mandates, Standards, and Evaluation -- Can Teachers Still Change the World?

All Write Summer Institute, Breakout Session, Warsaw, Indiana, June 22, 2012
Fostering Independence in Readers and Writers with Patrick Allen

Literacy in Motion, Judson University, Elgin, IL, June 20, 2012
Celebrating Writers Near and Far (primary and intermediate sessions)

Dublin Literacy Conference, Ohio, February 25, 2012
Celebrating Writers
Meaningful Minilessons

NCTE, Chicago, IL, November 2011
with Patrick Allen, Troy Rushmore, & Stacey Shubitz
Fostering Independence in Reading & Writing Workshops

All-Write Summer Institute, Warsaw, IN, June 20, 2011
What I Learned about Teaching Writing from Swim Lessons

Warren Writing Project, Indianapolis, IN, June 7, 2011
Lessons from the Pool for Teaching Writers Keynote
Meaningful Minilessons: Moving Beyond Scripts (primary)
Meaningful Minilessons (intermediate)