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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

their words.

They chose words too...

Andy chose health. Our friends laugh when they hear this. Andy just smiles. He knows. He knows he needs this. He knows I need him to need this. I'm looking forward to seeing how the word unfolds for him this year.

Hannah chose confidence. Do you know how remarkable I think she is? In fact, she just may be the coolest eleven year old on the planet. "What made you choose confidence?" I ask.

She responds, without missing a beat, "I need to figure it out because I want more confidence in myself."

Stephanie thought and thought and thought about her word. I thought she should stick with the word from last year -- peace. She could use more peace. Instead, Steph selected thankful. "I really want a grateful heart," she said, "but it's just hard to find one."

Sam decided on faith. It's a bold word and I hope it roots deep in his heart. He told me recently, "If I pray more, I think I'll know faith better. So I've started to pray when I walk in line at school."

They asked Jordan about his word. (It's as if they expect the entire world selects a word for the year.) I'm watching him, planning to help him cultivate a word for 2013. It's a life changing year for him. I'm sure a word will find him.

Their words are all a part of mine. I supposed that is the nature of family -- we are woven together. I'm looking forward to seeing our tapestry unfold.


  1. Sweet connections to each, I agree, Ruth. It will be good to see them unfold (grow).

  2. Ruth, I can see the riches of Christ in your children with the words they have chosen. I especially love Stephanie's reason for her word. Glad Andy chose health.:) the way you weave a bit of conversation into your posts brings me close to the scene. MHG


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