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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

mantras (soLs)

This week someone asked me my mantra. Within seconds I emailed back.

  1. Story Matters.
  2. Embrace Imperfection.
  3. Think. Think More. Rethink. Just Think.
The thing about a mantra is it's pretty much always there. It's part of you. I was thinking about mantras before the email asking me for mine came. I get to move offices. This is a very good thing for two reasons.
  1. My current office sounds as though it is inches away from a jet airplane landing strip. There is usually a wall shaking growl. Underneath the jet engine noise is the noise of constant crickets chirping chirping chirping. All of this makes my ears ring.
  2. The new office gives me space to set up a library for students, as well as collect resources for the beginnings of a newborn literacy room.
So in this new space I want to tuck bits of inspiration here and there. I've been dreaming of canvases to create. I've been considering the words to share. I've been envisioning a space where people go feeling worn out and leave feeling ready to write and read and conquer the world.

Which brings me to my mantras.
  1. Story Matters.
  2. Embrace Imperfection.
  3. Think More.
  4. Be Real.
  5. Connect.
  6. Write Now.
  7. Be a Reading Thief.
  8. Document Life.
  9. Art Saves.
  10. Extend Goodwill.
  11. Off You Go.
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  1. Hey now! I thought your office was our classroom! ;)

  2. Off you go.
    A great list. I will copy it and put in on my bulletin board. Thank you.
    I am curious, where did the airplane and chirping noise come from?

  3. I hope when you create this wonderful space you will take a photo so we can be inspired from afar! Sounds great. My mantra is, "it's a short chapter," because everything good/bad great/sad is over before we know it. These little words cycle in my head and help me move on to enjoy the good times.

  4. "Be a Reading Thief" intrigues me. I think "Embrace Imperfection" sounds great to me!

  5. Be a Reading Thief..... love that.

  6. Love your list! And I wish you luck in creating the space you want in your office. I hope the crickets and the jets create a satisfying white-noise hum under the music of your writing!

  7. I can't wait to see pictures once it all comes together! That will be amazing!

  8. Nice to see your list Ruth & hear that you'll get a better space. Exciting-that! I think my mantra continues as "be kind". There is no better way for me to live my life. Happy Halloween!

  9. I love your list but my favorite, by far, is number 2. Sometimes, we get so caught up in everything (from lessons, to children) being perfect that we forget the beauty of things and people that are less than perfect. Like a diamond in the raw. You've inspired me to come up with my own list of mantras. Maybe for another weekly slice.

  10. Your list is tothepoint and reflective of all you stand for. A new office, that's cool!


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