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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ahh...internet service! Ours was zapped by lightening last Friday and won't be fixed until later this week.

I just drove five hours to arrive at a secluded little place in the middle of big trees. It's a Choice Literacy Writing Retreat. "What exactly are you doing, Mom?" Hannah asked before I left.

"Writing Camp," I responded.
"Lucky," she said.

Lucky, indeed. I think it only fitting to begin the retreat with a blog post. In the next three days I'll have lots of time and space to write. What are my plans? The list is long.

  • The odds and ends that need compiled to finish Celebrating Writers.
  • An annotated list of 50 articles to write for Choice Literacy.
  • Two articles written.
  • Blog posts for the first couple of weeks in August for Two Writing Teachers.
  • My query letter plus first 10 pages ready-to-go (again).
  • A handful of notebook entries.
  • Some sitting + thinking. + imagining.
I'm looking forward to seeing what emerges. I'm looking forward to minilessons and response groups and writing the day away. 
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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Write on!

  2. Happy writing! I am going to make my way to a writing retreat. I see it as a happy destination in my future. I look forward to reading and reflecting on your thoughts.

  3. Jealous! Have a great weekend.

  4. I hate math, but I love your equation:

    Some sitting + thinking. + imagining

  5. Sounds just marvelous, Ruth, but do you also get to eat and sleep? Just joking of course, and hope you have a lovely and productive time.

  6. Enjoy your time secluded with writers. That is quite a list of possible writing projects! I look forward to reading some of them.

  7. Oh have fun! I so wanted to go and couldn't get my schedule to work. I know it will be an amazing few days and you will get so much done! Enjoy!

  8. This sounds pretty great! Good luck with all your projects. I'll be looking forward to reading some of your new work!

  9. This sounds pretty great! Good luck with all your projects. I'll be looking forward to reading some of your new work!

  10. Enjoy Ruth! That sounds like it is going to be amazing. I am excited for you to have all of that writing time.

  11. I can't wait to read those 50 articles for Choice Literacy:) xo nanc

  12. It sounds heavenly! Enjoy and I hope they get your internet working while you're gone.

    Random Writing Rants

  13. Ahhhh indeed! Even with the very best of intentions, life gets in the way of writing at home. ("Mom! Mom!"). The drier buzzes, the floor needs to be swept...

    I hope you had a wonderful retreat, since I'm getting to your post almost in time for the next slice.


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