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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{} little things

You know how the little things make a big difference? It's a mantra of mine: notice tiny, find big meaning. Yesterday I was thinking about this mantra in relationship to writing workshop. In fact, I was thinking about how often my success lies in noticing and appreciating the small details. This is true in life, teaching, and writing. So I decided to challenge myself to writing small, looking for the tiny in order to make big realizations.

{Discover. Play. Build.}
Want to join me on this hunt for tiny that in the end may just be bigger than we imagined possible? Take a few minutes with your notebook and jot down something tiny to see if, in the end, you can realize something big.

I'll be sharing my noticings in the next few days.


  1. It's sometimes hard to notice those little things, and know they do count for something. I'll start with a list and see how it goes, Ruth. I believe I know what you mean, and will look forward to what you write. It's those little things I try to explain to the teachers with whom I work-elusive, intuitive. What are they?

  2. I started with a list today. I know I will be gathering ideas for longer, more substantial pieces of writing (like one little thing blossoming into it's own blog post), but for now I started with a post of today's list.

  3. Isn't it funny how giving attention to those little things can lift your spirit?


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